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Biopharmaceutics, Life Sciences and Cosmetics are fast-growing fierce competitive sectors. As for any booming business, it is essential to surround yourself with partners endowed with the capacity to answer both technical, regulatory issues and deadlines in order to be able to grow on a permanent basis.


BioAdvise is a team of experts specialized in engineering consulting services who mainly operates in bioprocesses and biocontained environments.

Their knowledges in the latest regulations, evolutions and innovations of the sector are your keys for a perfect command of the processes, biological risks and safety rules that concern the very stringent field of the Bioprocessing.


BioAdvise, internationally oriented, supports you efficiently and permanently in your projects.


We claim to follow great values:

  • A unique contact for a global solution for all your engineering projects linked to biotechnologies
  • Consulting services and support of a team entirely made of experts
  • Reactivity
  • Flexibility






BioAdvise is specialized in engineering consulting services in biotechnologies and mainly operates in bioprocesses and bio-contained environments:        

  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnological bioproduction units
  • Quality control laboratories for contract manufacturing (Biosafety levels 2, 3, 4)
  • Human and veterinary research laboratories (Biosafety levels 2, 3, 4)
  • Hospitals
  • Food research institute


Our company supports you in your most complex and strategic challenges, thanks to a unique interlocutor who intervenes all along your project: from the analysis of your needs to the audit and operational training of your teams.


In a constantly moving business, our consultants will know how to make Your Difference thanks, among others, to their vast experience in biotechnologies. Their knowledges in the latest regulations, evolutions and innovations of the sector are your keys for a perfect command of the processes, biological risks and safety rules


BioAdvise guarantees the respect of your needs, effective regulatory standards as well as a genuine expertise at each step of your project.

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