Boosted by its experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnological bioprocesses, BIOADVISE provides a wide range of services to give you the opportunity to specify your needs, select the most appropriate solutions, make your installations operational, qualify them and follow them during their entire life.

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BIOADVISE will take into account your need while guaranteeing compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Our consultants will assist you of their expertise for the control of your processes, biological risks, safety rules, to provide you with relevant solutions.

BIOADVISE supports you for:

  • Tender documents
  • Offers evaluation (CAPEX-OPEX)
  • Supplier audit and manufacturing inspection
  • Project management and works coordination
  • Optimization of your processes (hydraulical, thermal, mechanical, automation)
BIOADVISE - engineering


  • Design Qualification (DQ)
  • FAT – SAT
  • Preliminary tests before Performance Qualification
  • Assistance to Performance Qualification (PQ)
  • Assistance to Installation Qualification (IQ)
  • Assistance to Operational Qualification (OQ)


BIOADVISE carries out inspections of facilities both at Customer’s and Supplier’s sites. Our teams, made of experts, ensure follow-up of your facilities and technical equipments manufacturing as well as conformity and respect of your objectives: costs, deadlines, manufacturing quality…

BIOADVISE will provide you with services regarding the inspection of:

  • Technical audit of the existing system
  • Thermal performances validation
  • Hydraulical performances validation
  • OPEX audit
  • Functional analysis
  • Process and instrumentation drawing illustrating the recommended changes
  • Process and thermal sizing of the recommended solutions
ABC Actini - audit


  • Technical review of both existing equipment, room layout and access
  • Option to optimize space in an existing room
  • Evaluation for optimization of storage capacity
  • Revamping of the existing materials
  • Energy analysis and optimization
  • Life cycle assessment: capital investment, operating and maintenance costs
BIOADVISE Retrofitting


Assistance, consultancy...: whatever your question is, we have got the answer!