In order to guarantee a high level of operational reliability of your installations as well as a quality production, the BIOADVISE team offers you various methods that will allow you to manage the maintenance of your installation throughout its lifetime.

Aware that your systems represent critical points in the production process:

  • we pay particular attention to guaranteeing you the speed and flexibility of interventions for the maintenance operations of your equipment.
  • our teams will answer all your questions concerning the operation of your systems during the production phases.
  • our training and audit services will allow you to have an optimal management of your productions and to develop your equipment according to your new needs.


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Emergency part kit

This kit allows you to have the minimum set of parts required for the most common remedial maintenance operations in stock. You can, with the support of our hotline, quickly replace wearing parts and avoid hamstring production downtimes.

One-year operation kit

Particularly suitable for structures with a maintenance department, the «Overhaul» package will allow your teams to have all the parts required for preventive maintenance operations.

Critical part kit

Aware that some of our customers cannot afford a production shutdown in the event of failure of critical components, we offer a breakdown box including a complete spare set for a rapid operational restart.

BIOADVISE - spare parts


In order to keep your equipment in its optimal conditions of use, it is essential to perform regular preventive maintenance. You can outsource these services by entrusting them to our teams of experts.

The « PLUS » of our contract packages:

  1. Scheduled services according to the rate and conditions of use of your machine
  2. A quality service provided by technicians specialized in hydraulic and thermal processes
  3. Planned maintenance operations to limit production downtimes
  4. Management of your replenishment of parts in stock by our technicians
  5. Free access to our hotline and priority processing of your requests
  6. Comprehensive maintenance reports for full traceability
BIOADVISE - maintenance


Since a mastered equipment means an efficient equipment, training is essential.

New equipment, staff turnover, integration of new operators, equipment use optimization… We are at your disposal to study your training needs on the operation of your installations. Our Engineering and Services instructors will work with you to develop training services adapted to your present and future needs.

BIOADVISE also offers performance audits and retrofit solutions for your installations and equipment manufactured by BIOADVISE or third-party suppliers.

Because your needs may change, our engineering team can audit your systems and make comprehensive recommendations for upgrades, extensions or improvements.